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Amrit Kaur : Wake up to the magic of make up

Award winning celeb make up artist Amrit Kaur and founder of the premier training institute Make Up School based in Pune and Delhi is a woman on a mission as beautiful as it is powerful: exploring the potential of make up as a viable profession that contributes to women’s empowerment and doing away with the ‘frivolous’ tag attached to it.

By Team Amrit Kaur

When Amrit Kaur puts the finishing touches on a bride’s beautiful face and hair style, she knows she has not only made the lady gorgeous on the most important day of her life, but created a memory forever.

Look closer- beneath each stroke of the make-up artiste’s colorful ate is a world of grit, hard work and determination-especially to do away with the stereotypes attached to make up. “People, especially in India, tend to look at make up as a frivolous pastime, meant only for the rich and the pampered,” shares Amrit. “But that’s far from true. Good make up is an art and science-and a wonderful way of enhancing God given beauty, irrespective of one’s age and status, there adding to a woman’s confidence quotient.”

It is also a serious profession that entails immense training and talent. “A well trained make up artiste can make it big as a self-employed person as well as an entrepreneur. advent of the media age has increased both the challenges as well as the opportunities before the artiste. question is: how can you be the best at your work ?”

Amrit Kaur

Back to the beginning

awards jostling for space in her tastefully done up office bespeak triumph. But as she points out, it’s been 11 years of ‘blood, sweat, tears and endless hours of work’ that have built all this and more. That, and the courage to follow her own heart.

“It was in the final year of BBA that I finally accepted that I was an artist at heart. A conventional profession would have never made me happy,” she expresses. Easier said than done though. Coming from a well-to-do industrialist home, the burden of societal expectations was immense. “People would wonder why I would want to pursue a profession such as this. At that time, the lack of know how about make up was even more pronounced. Dealing with the prejudice attached to the profession, taking disappointments in my stride and starting everything from scratch has been hard. But I was convinced that I was making a difference-especially to the Indian woman’s understanding of the magic of make up,” she says.

Thus, she founded Make Up School a year later with a view to training world class make up artistes who are well-versed in both the art and craft of make up.

A many-splendored and magical journey Amrit’s youth belies her immense exposure and experience. Starting off at the tender age of 18, she has worked her wa through different roles and responsibilities. So be it conducting personal grooming sessions to training people-and deciding to specialize in bridal make up, she’s done it all. Plus, she’s worked with the best.

From doing shows with leading brands such as Times of India and Femina group to bridal ads for Tanishq and Tribhuvandas Zaveri, fashion Jewelery ads for Amrai jewels, and portfolios for the Symbiosis institute of designing, she’s gone from strength to strength. Her patience and ability to stay calm have been integral aspects of her journey thus far. ” Having been part of high profile events like the Lakme Fashion Week, I am well-versed with the challenge of delivering under pressure. Over the last decade, I have done up the faces of A-list actors and actresses, apart from working on movies like No one killed Jessica and Delhi 6, besides photo shoots for the fashion magazine Elle and Vogue and several other High Definition enterprises.”

Her latest forays include the make up for actor Alia Bhatt’s friend’s wedding. “Bollywood or the Hindi film industry enjoys massive clout in India. Being part of that world has its own demands. But my team and I are prepared for them,” she says. Apart from this, she has been associated in several roles with luxury brands like Estee Lauder, London and Max-factor Cosmetics USA.

To that end, her professional training has been immaculate: starting off at the Delamar School of make up and hair styling in London, she’s also studied high definition make up in Barcelona, followed an advanced course in hair styling at the MUD academy. She’s also trained under noted hairstylist Georgy Kot of Russia as well as celeb artist David Docando.

Amrit Kaur

Make Up School : future forward and fantastic

As Director of Make Up School, Pune Amrit has trained over 500 students so far. ” I tell my students to be prepared for a life of high expectation and short deadlines. Living out of suitcases, adjusting to different time zones and staying away from family are part of a successful make up artiste’s life,” she says. “ journey won’t be easy but for those committed to their professions, the sky is the limit. Simply put, making someone else’s dream come true entails sacrifice on the part of the true professional.”

A 1000 brides and 1,50,000 followers later Make Up School is an idea whose time has come. “ world of beauty rests on the solid ground of technique, training and an eye for detail. Deep domain knowledge of the most cutting edge products and practices are essential. Above all, they must never forget they carry the responsibility of making a special day even more so,” she says.

Roll Call of honor

awards and recognitions have been many. se include: Times of India Icon FICCI flow Asia Woman Entrepreneur, the Brand Icon International Award for the Make up School as well as the International Excellence Award Global Icon at the hands of movie star Madhuri Dixit.

journey ahead : Not the one to rest on her laurels, Amrit’s plans for the future are well laid out. “I want more and more talented artistes to take up this profession as a serious and mainstream source of income. This is a wonderful world for women entrepreneurs to prove their mettle. Indian culture is vast and varied, and the avenues for the artistes are many.

Thus, to my mind, make up is both expression and employment and the perfect chance to showcase how the finest make up artists can be trained and Made in India,” says Amrit. Thus, when an Amrit Kaur bride walks tall on her big day, she knows she is the cynosure of all eyes-and a sight never to be forgotten. That is both the magic and miracle of make up-and the hand of the expert who wields the brush.

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